Medieval Arms Instruction
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Introduction to Medieval Arms

Medieval Archery

We offer two types of Lessons at the MFC Archery Range

1. Basic Medieval Archery - One (1) hour in duration, teaching Fundamentals of Medieval Archery. Cost - $15.00 per Student.
2. Medieval Archery - Five (5) hours in duration, teaching Fundamentals of Medieval Archery, Marksmanship, Hunting, Warfare and The Ranger. Cost - $50.00 per Student.

All Lessons are appropriate for Children Eight (8) years of age and older, as well as Adults. All materials are provided, you are welcome to provide your own Traditional Tackle if desired, however all items must be approved by the Instructor prior to use. We invite prospective Students to view the Range and discuss any details you wish. Pray advise of dates and times that would be most suitable for you, so that we may check our availability.
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Medieval Longsword


All Arms instruction is done at the Students risk.

Instruction is available at the Medieval Fantasies Company facilities or at a suitable location of your choice. Additional fee for travel to your location

Teaching Dagger, Quarterstaff, Sword & Shield, Arming Sword, Longsword,  Half Sword, Spear, Dagger & Warhammer or Hand Axe,
Axe, Polearms and Grappling!

1. Fundamentals of Medieval Weaponry - One (1) hour in duration, teaching Fundamentals of One (1) of the above Weapons Forms. Cost - $15.00 per Student.
2. Advanced Longsword - Five (5) hours in duration, teaching Fundamentals and Advanced Forms of Longsword. Cost - $50.00 per Student.
Customized Instruction of all Weapon Forms available upon request.

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Accepting Registrations April 5th, 2021 for the 2021 Season.

Promoting physical fitness, increasing self confidence, creating a sense of discipline and can even provide you with the means for self defense.

Besides learning techniques, there is also a moral responsibility that is associated with the craft of these weapons as taught in the Code of Chivalry.

Arms and armour are available on our Market Place.  

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  Accolades -
Sir Blackwolf,
I wanted to thank you for the training. You are an excellent instructor and we both walked away from the experience with great satisfaction. It was a truly fulfilling and fun weekend. I am very grateful to have had the opportunity to train with you and thank you for sharing your knowledge.



Protective Equipment

   Suggested Equipment  
Bamboo, Rattan or Wooden Weapons
Padded gambeson or tabard
Leather gloves or Gauntlets w/leather gloves
Bracers (Vambraces)
3 sword Fencing Helmet
Leather boots
Codpiece or athletic cup (for both male and female)
(Steel sword equipment may be used)
Steel Weapons
Padded gambeson or tabard Gauntlets with leather gloves Bracers (Vambraces)
Chain mail hauberk and/or plate breastplate and back, or hardened leather
Gorget, bevor or other throat protection
Great Helm or Helm with visor or face cage and Arming Cap
Leg mail of chain or plate or hardened leather
Codpiece or athletic cup (for both male and female) Leather boots
Leather bracer (Vambrace)
Leather gloves
Shooting tab or glove
Dagger Quarterstaff Sword and Shield
Longsword  Half Sword  Arming Sword 
Spear Dagger and Warhammer or Handaxe Archery 
Axe - Throwing, Hand axe or Great axe   Polearms 
Now offering Atlatl Instruction & Cane/Umbrella Self Defence

MFC does not endorse any religious, political or cultural beliefs or practices.  Any displays of such are solely the responsibility of the individual, performer or vendor.

Any questions or suggestions contact: MFC

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