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The possibilities are limited only by your imagination. We are available for a wide variety of events, from Renaissance and Medieval Faires to Downtown Festivals. We can provide you with knights in shining armour, ladies in waiting, minstrels and bards. Wizards and dancers to thrill and amaze you. Games and amusements to entertain you. Dance the night away at a magical Ball, which can be held at your festival or as a very special night all of it's own. Also available are a variety of transportations for your guests such as carriages, horses, and unicorns.

Faires and Festivals
MFC partners with Park, Recreation and Tourism Departments as well as US Military Moral, Welfare and Recreation (MWR) Departments to produce Medieval and Renaissance Faires/Festivals for their communities and  troops.
Corporate Faire
MFC with in association with Universities, Businesses and Corporations to produce Medieval and Renaissance Faires/Festivals for their communities, customers and employees.
Fundraiser Faire
MFC is honoured to offer a most unique Fund Raising opportunity for Schools, Churches, Scouts and other Non-Profit Organizations.
Each Event customized to meet the specific needs of the organization.

The Renaissance Faire Industry has quite the following that brings people from far and wide to enjoy these Events. Bringing in these “fans” stimulates the local economy through hotel, food and other sales. It is our goal likewise to make the joys of Faire known to those who have seldom if ever attended a Renaissance themed Faire.

We have available a great variety of Performers, Activities and if you so desire Merchants of exotic and exciting wares. MFC provides experienced Managers to ensure the smooth operation of the Event, trained Knights to ensure safety and security and Staff to provide Patrons with Activities, Games and Amusements. Faires and Festivals are also available for hire to Companies, Corporations or other Private Events should you so desire that option. Pray look upon the sections detailing Performers, Activities and Merchants for additional information.

MFC provides the following depending upon availability at the time of the Event;

Living History Exhibits:
Medieval martial arts demonstrations
Demonstrations of everyday Medieval Life

Knights - do battle for glory and honour



Maypole Dance - Dance yourself dizzy in this colorful dance
The Royal Archery Contest - Show your skills at this free activity
Armour Demonstration  and Knighting Ceremony - Young and young at heart take a knee to take their vows of Chivalry
The Masquerade Ball – To include Medieval Dance Instruction
Pub Sing

Custom Event Logos available at no extra cost
Chess Set
Flags, banners and other decorations
Medieval Tents
Information signs with Event Coat of Arms

Face painting
Photo booth
Swords and armor
Hats, snoods and cavalier hats
Henna artwork
Paintings and drawings
Clothing and garb
Flowers and herbs
Candles and incense
Children clothing and toys
Tapestries, Banners and Flags
Medieval Home Decor


Food Merchants:
Fish and chips
Scottish eggs
Turkey legs
Steak on a stake
Roasted potatoes and corn on the cob
Roasted chicken and ribs
Funnel cakes
Ice cream
Frozen drinks
Non alcoholic beverages, juices and sodas

Soft Pretzels
Fresh Fruit

Where safety and space permits:
Archery - Show your skill with a Longbow!
Axe Throw - Try your skill with a twirling axe!
Fight or Yield - Patrons show their Valour in the Arena!

Theatrical performances, Musical performances, Jousters and other Entertainers available at an additional cost to the Client:
(Prices available upon request)



Jugglers, Magicians & other entertainers


Mock (and Real!) Combat Troups


Actors, Actress & Performance Artists

An individual who portrays a specific character at an event (for example, the gentleman who plays King Henry)





MFC would need the following information to ascertain the feasibility of a Faire at your Venue;

Faire Site Survey

Prior to providing your Event a Consultation and Site Survey must be conducted at your desired location. Travel Fees may apply. This is to ensure the grounds are compatible, the necessary amenities and resources are available and that we meet your needs for the type of Event you desire.


Contact Sir Blackwolf to arrange your Faire or Festival! 

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MFC does not endorse any religious, political or cultural beliefs or practices.  Any displays of such are solely the responsibility of the individual, performer or vendor.

Any questions or suggestions contact: MFC

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