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These activities are available for your Festival, Party or other Special Event.

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Available at MFC Productions Only

 Armour Demonstration  Knighting Ceremony  Archery Demonstration
(If appropriate/safe space is available) 
Chess  Maypole The Royal Archery Contest -
Come shoot with the King & Queen!
Free to Patrons

Her Majesty's Royal Pageant Lytle Jousters
Charge Sir Knight!!
Masquerade Ball
Learn a variety of dances from the Middle Ages and the Renaissance.

Birthday, School and Scout Programs Only

  Fight the Knight
Challenge the Black Knight



Archery  Ax Throw  Fight or Yield 
Patrons show their Valour in the Arena

Birthday and School Programs Only (NOT FOR SALE)

Take a toss at the Jack! Up to four players at a time.

Based on Russian Quoits of the Middle Ages.

Heads or Tails
Tend the Highland Cattle


Headless Horseman - Pumpkin Toss

Boar Hunt

Slay the beastly boar.

Sheep Toss

Send the little lost lambs flying home into the basket.

Unicorn Ring Toss

Fling the Magic Ring upon the Unicorn's horn.

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Offering Medieval and Renaissance clothing, toys, gifts, arms, armour and other wondrous wares for your Event. Available for both indoor and outdoor Events.


MFC does not endorse any religious, political or cultural beliefs or practices.  Any displays of such are solely the responsibility of the individual, performer or vendor.

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