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Handmade with Pearls, four hairpins included. Available in a variety of colors.
One size fits most.
Snood - $15.00 each 


Anjou Gown
The romance of the early renaissance is captured in this courtly gown.  Rich brocades, lavish trims, period rounded shoulders and an elegant lace up back all add to the overall beauty of this piece.  Looks great with our period farthingale. Dry Clean only, 100% cotton, Gold. Available in sizes S, M, L and XL.
MR100998  $339.00 

Size Small Medium Large X-Large Small/Medium Large/X-Large
Bust 32-34" 34-36" 36-40" 40-44" 32-36" 36-44"
Waist 24-26" 26-28" 28-32" 32-36" 24-28" 28-36"
Hips 34-36" 36-40" 40-44" 44-48" 34-40" 40-46"

The predecessor to the petticoat, this hooped undergarment will accentuate the overall shape of your Renaissance gown.  Can be used with or without the bum roll. The lightweight poly/cotton fabric contains 5 metal rings which will keep your overskirt in a beautiful umbrella shape. Some assembly required.  Insert 5 adjustable inner bands  for the "bone", which have a plastic quick-detach buckle so rings can be removed for washing. You can start at the top or the bottom.  Poly/cotton blend, white.  Choose S/M or L/XL.
MR100994  $95.00 

Tudor French Hood
The finishing touch for many of our period gowns. This simple, yet elegant hat has been designed to match many of our dresses seen throughout our catalog or can be used with any of your existing outfits. Stiff interior with cotton velvet exterior. White Tudor edging with gold trim & ties complete this cute accessory.  One size. Order gold, burgundy, dark blue or black.
MR101024  $49.00 


Avington Gown
This lovely two-piece gown has been designed with the faire-goer in mind. This lightweight garment laces up the front with gold roping, while the back bodice has hidden elastic for a great fit. The full skirt has a false underskirt of gold brocade. Shown over our Peasant Blouse, this gown looks great using our Floor Length Petticoat. Available in Pink or Lavender. Order S, M, L or XL. Polyester.
MR101535  $120.00 


Peasant Blouse
This versatile shirt is great for almost any Renaissance event! The slightly crinkled fabric adds an air authenticity, while the waterfall bell sleeves trimmed in lace makes a beautiful statement. The elastic neckline offers a variety of different wearing options. Polyester, S/M or L/XL.
MR101148  $69.00 


Floor Length Petticoat
This floor length petticoat is a great undergarment that will give any period gown a rich fullness. Two deep layers of stiffener at the hem allow any garment to hang correctly. Adjustable waistband allows for a wide variety of waist sizes. Cotton and poly-cotton blend. One size.
MR101514  $60.00 



Berengaria Gown
Just like the medieval princess from which this dress draws its name, you will feel like you are at the royal court wearing this lovely gown. Made of a rich burgundy cotton velvet, this full gown's sleeves and front are dressed with rich gold material. Both the sleeves and waistline are accented with a trim of hand-sewn bead work, making this one of the most beautiful period gowns we have ever offered. Dry clean only. Available in S, M L and XL. 
MR100904  $159.00 



Castleford Gown
This is an excellent and stunning alternative to wearing a heavy period gown. Made of lightweight poly-cotton, this shapely dress gives the illusion of wearing both an under chemise and over gown. The lace-up sides, back and sleeves allows for a perfect fit. Two attractive colors available: Blue or Green. Order S, M, L or XL.
MR101431  $99.00 



Country Maid Overdress
This is the perfect way of adding a colorful flair to any chemise. The faux suede corset has a flowing green skirt already attached. With a simple lace-up front, you are ready for almost any occasion. Shown with our Surrey Chemise. Order S/M or L/XL.
MR101314  $59.00


Surrey Chemise
This lightweight garment is perfect for those warmer weather events. The Surrey Chemise is a more dressy variation of the simple period chemise. Both sleeves have been richly decorated with four bands of laces and trims, allowing you to adjust the sleeve giving it a beautiful pillowed effect. Polyester, white only. Order S/M or L/XL.
MR101002  $75.00 



Country Maid Skirt w/ Bodice
Perfect for the country lass; the bodice is integral to this skirt. The bodice and attached skirt are made of durable 100% cotton. The bodice is laced to fit with brass grommets and the full skirt is split down the front. Available in Black or Emerald Green. Sizes S, M, L, XL and XXL.
MR100126  $85.00 



Emerald Dream Dress
This dress is based on paintings from the 13th century and was worn by very important ladies. Our medieval dress features a long, emerald green slender shape adorned with beautiful wide trim on the sleeves and above the hem line. Twisted gold and green piping adorn the scooped neckline, shoulders and sleeve ends. Made in a lightweight flowing fabric with a wonderful sheen in a dress that slips over your head. Available in S(6-8), M(10-12), L(14-16) and XL(18-20). Dry clean only.
MR100078  $99.00 



Fair Maiden's Dress
The Fair Maiden's Dress; a perfect dress for the faire or going off to market. This colorful, 16th century styled dress features coordinating front trim and re-enforced boning in the front bodice for extra strong tight lacing. We have paired this piece with the Celtic Chemise. The Fair Maiden's dress is available in three colors: red, green and blue. Poly/cotton blend. Sizes S/M, L/XL and XXL. Dry Clean Only.
MR100510 $74.00 


Celtic Chemise
The chemise was worn under all Medieval ladies' clothing; it kept the outer clothing cleaner by absorbing perspiration. It was often slept in as well. Our well-made chemise has very long sleeves and ties at the shoulders. A very special Celtic look for your favorite gown. Poly/cotton blend, hand wash. Sizes S/M or L/XL.
MR100508  $89.00 



Fleur de Lis Dress
You will have Renaissance elegance in our 16th century styled fleur-de-lis patterned dress. The back of this dress laces up and has a hidden modesty panel, which leaves breathing room after a little too much feasting. We have chosen the Celtic Chemise for this dress, however, this dress would still look wonderful paired with any of our chemises. Burgundy or midnight blue with gold accents. Poly cotton. Dry clean. Sizes S/M, L/XL and XXL.
MR100390  $119.00 



Lady Jane Dress
This elegant gown could easily be seen traversing the royal court of King Henry VIII. The rich burgundy, 100% cotton velvet body gives a form-fitted appearance and is exquisitely accented with a hand beaded gold trim. The sleeves have a sheer soft netting and are finished with matching burgundy bows. Dry clean only. Order S, M, L or XL.
MR100898  $189.00 



Milady’s Gown
Though a perfect gown for attracting young Musketeers, it is also fitting for a queen. The bodice and lower sleeves are made from rich dark blue brocade with silver and gold designs embroidered into the fabric. The upper puffy sleeves and full lower skirt are of a shimmering royal blue material, which compliments the overall look. A darker silver trim edges the neckline, while matching silver strands are sewn to the upper sleeves. A royal pin adorns the upper bodice. Can be worn with our period farthingale. Two pieces with lace-up back. S, M, L  or XL. Dry clean only. Poly-cotton blend and polyester.
MR101437  $169.00 



Morgan le Fay Gown

Morgan le Fay is known as the most powerful enchantress in the Arthurian legends. This lovely gown is a match of rich black and scarlet red cotton velvet. It is accented with matching fine brocade at the collar and shoulders. Sleeves are lined with a dark antique gold satin and an elbow button allows sleeves to be pinned up. Lace-up back with modesty panel. S, M, L or XL.
MR101610  $195.00



Mulberry Faire Overdress
No matter what season the faire you’ll look stunning in this form-flattering, medieval overdress. Made of soft cotton velvet, this dress sports both a generous length and square neckline trimmed in gold. A color matching head ring is included for completing this look. Pictured with our short sleeve Italian Camicia. Available in Soft Green or Teal Blue. S, M, L, XL.
MR101512  $120.00 


Italian Camicia Chemise
This wonderful light and airy Italian version of the Renaissance chemise is perfect for lighter faire. The soft natural cotton gauze fabric with a drawstring neck and a 3/4 length sleeve with ribbon detail makes this a pretty undergarment or stand alone garment. Sizes S/M and L/XL.
MR101513  $85.00 



Pleasant Peasant Dress
This dress was worn extensively by both the peasant and free class women during the 12th and 13th centuries. It is both durable and easy to care for. Although the cut is straight down to the waist, it flares at the bottom to allow freedom of movement for horseback riding. Includes a girdle of the same fabric that is tightened with black cording to provide emphasis to the waist (no lace). The sleeves have elastic that gives the impression of smocking. Choose Berry or Meadow Green. Colors may vary slightly. Sizes S (6-8), M (10-12), L (14-16) and XL (18-20).
MR100056  $79.00 



Renaissance Wedding Gown & Veil
This is one of the most magnificent dresses we have ever offered. Perfect for your storybook or period wedding, this stunning white gown is layered in polyester satin and decorated with hand made flowers and white artificial pearls. Gorgeous floral lace finishes off this period dress, along with a 60” matching veil. A white and gold beaded belt is also included. This dress is designed to be worn with our Farthingale for maximum beauty.  Period lace-up back. Tiara crown not included. Dry clean only. White, available in sizes S, M, L and XL.
MR101046  $215.00  



Scarlet Dream Dress
You will feel like you've stepped into the pages of a fairy tale when you wear this elegant gown. Made of a heavy, red 100% cotton velvet, the dress has full bell sleeves and a generous full skirt. Matching handmade frogs compliment the lace-up front, while the back laces as well. Dry Clean Only. Available in sizes, S, M, L, XL and XXL.
MR100608  $169.00 



Windsor Gown
The loveliest women at court this season are wearing the latest style from England, the Windsor Gown. This stunning one-piece dress offers that courtly look at an affordable price. Tailored from a rich taffeta, this dress has a full, gathered skirt, tight period sleeves with matching wrist buttons and ballooned shoulders. Antique gold trim accents the dress at the collar, waist and biceps, while the back laces up with a full modesty panel. Available in Emerald Green or Garnet Red. Order S, M, L or XL.
MR101642  $95.00  


Faire Blouse
Our Faire Blouse is a versatile top which can be worn on or off the shoulders, depending on your flirtatious mood. Features an adjustable string tie neck with hidden elastic to allow for a great fit. Made in a soft  cotton with elastic at the cuffs. Choice of Black or White. Sizes S/M and L/XL.
MR101566  $30.00 



High Collared Elizabethan Blouse
This high collared period blouse is manufactured of a soft, white cotton. The open triangular front gives just a hint of seductiveness, while maintaining an air of modesty. Ruffled collar with lace cuffs with two brass buttons at the neckline. Order S, M, L or XL. 100% cotton.
MR101156  $49.00  



Lace Trimmed Chemise
Our delicate lace trimmed chemise in white is a very feminine undergarment that's light and airy. The sleeve edges and neckline have a small white lace trim. The bottom of the chemise is adorned with a white flower trim that adds to the charm. This can be worn under many of our gowns or bodices. Poly/cotton blend, hand wash cold. Sizes S/M and L/XL.
MR100302  $79.00  



Swordswoman's Shirt
Designed with the female fighter in mind, this shirt is perfect for the woman who defies the stereotypes. Loose, flowing sleeves allow for excellent freedom of movement, while the long, tapered cuffs are proportioned for a woman's wrist. The shirt is long enough to be tucked in or worn belted. The cuffs are laced to assure a close fit. Equally appropriate for the romantic hours of the evening. Choice of white or black. Hand Wash.  Sizes S/M (fits 8-12), L/XL (fits 14-18) and XXL.
MR100432  $59.00  



Buckled Waistlet Cincher
This buckled waist cincher is a great all around garment accent! Made in a soft ultra suede, our brown waistlet gives that perfect Renaissance look to almost any outfit. Extremely adjustable, the belt has 3 brass buckles in front plus a full lace up back to create a fitted look for a variety of clothing styles. Available in S/M or L/XL.
MR101628  $55.00 



Ladies Leather Waist Cincher
This ladies leather waist cincher laces up in the front and back for easy adjusting.  A great accessory for many styles from Medieval to Pirate, this is a great addition to you wardrobe. Available in Black, Brown, Red, Green or Blue with either Brass or Steel grommets. Choose in your actual waist size.  For example, if you have a 32" waist, select 32" for the size.  Available for waist sizes 24" through 48". No express shipping available on this item.
MR201460  $35.00 
bulletHandcrafted from top quality 7/8 oz leather
bulletWidth in front:10"
bulletWidth at back: 4-1/2"


Ladies Side Lacing Leather Waist Cincher
This ladies leather waist cincher laces up at both sides for easy adjusting.  A great accessory for many styles from Medieval to Pirate, this is a great addition to you wardrobe. Available in Black, Brown, Red, Green or Blue with either Brass or Steel grommets. Choose in your actual waist size.  For example, if you have a 32" waist, select 32" for the size.  Available for waist sizes 24" through 48". No express shipping available on this item.
MR201461  $35.00 

bulletHandcrafted from top quality 7/8 oz leather
bulletWidth in front:10-1/2"
bulletWidth at sides: 6-1/4"


Stretch Velour Pants
These 100% cotton black stretch velour pants have leather straps which buckle around your calves.  Jacket and shirt shown no longer available. Dry Clean recommended. Choose from S(8-10), M(12-14), L(16-18) and XL(20).
MR100736  $85.00  



Snow Queen Faux Fur Hooded Cape
Deep in the enchanted forest lives the Snow Queen, ruling over her sparkling domain. She is warmed by her majestic long flowing white faux fur cape. This cape and its hood have a full white satin lining. A silver toned leaf clasp provides a beautiful accent. This one is simply beautiful. The Snow Queen Cape is suitable to most periods and would look lovely to wear to holiday parties. Caution: Ladies, beware! If you wear this, you will be the talk of the event and people will stare. One size fits most. Acrylic, dry clean only. 
MFCSQHC $250.00  In Stock Item, One Only  


Ladies Boots
These tall leather boots are extremely comfortable to wear and have a full rubber sole. 19” tall, black only. Available in whole sizes 6 – 10, can be worn folded down or up over the knee.
MR101042  $136.00  



Lady Jane Silk Shoes
This will be one of the most versatile and comfortable pair of shoes in your ensemble. Solid silk construction with design in black silk and rubber soles. Adjustable strap with a nickel plated buckle. Sizes 6 -10. 
MR100882  $15.00 


Medieval Soaps  $5.00 per bar





MFC does not endorse any religious, political or cultural beliefs or practices.  Any displays of such are solely the responsibility of the individual, performer or vendor.

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