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Available at additional cost:  (Prices available upon request)

Sir Blackwolf & Dame Dawn
Available to Portray Royalty, Host & Hostess or Master & Mistress of Ceremonies for your Event,
as well as appearing for Commercial Events, Film and Book promotions.



I wanted to thank you both so much for making Family Day a success. Please pass my thanks on to everyone who worked with you that day. You were all amazing and lovely to work with. Thanks again!
Taubman Museum, Roanoke VA

I wanted to thank you once again for the profession and creative performance each of your contributed to the Short Pump Town Center, Masquerade Ball Event.  The management and staff at Short Pump were extremely pleased with regard to all the costuming, performances and atmosphere your talents created for their customers.
It was a privilege and memorable experience to work with all of you. 
Once Upon A Party, Spotsylvania, VA

Wanted to extend my sincere appreciation for the very impressive introduction you provided our football team this past Friday night. I know the players were very excited and it only added to the hype of a very big game. I have been coaching here for 23 years and this was the most memorable of any introduction we have ever had at Turner Ashby.
Again , thank you so much for your time and the awesome " Sir Blackwolf "I heard a lot of players talking about what a bad "***" he looked like.
Head Coach Turner Ashby H.S., Bridgewater, VA

Faire Wynds Players
Join us as we travel back to the Quack Doctors and Amazing Medicinal Cures of the past! A fun-filled family show as Professor Chalmer's Bodkin-Childs' and his assistants present Ye Olde Medicine Show and Flea Circus or, The Doctor Is Real In!
Mermaid Hyli of The Real Mermaids LLC

Master David - Sword Swallower

The Universe According to Galileo Show
An interactive renaissance show about the astronomy of the time of Galileo, as Galieo Galilei.
(circa 1608-1611)

Murals of Baltimore
Specializes in all forms of mural painting and public art such as fresco, marouflage, keim, plastering, decorative, faux, mosaics, and others. The studio also provides services for ephemeral art (streetdrawing).

Lady Julie Eddinger
The Pleasure of thy company - 
Medieval Meals & Manners

Lady Marji
Living Statue

The Dueling Dame
 Brings the art of stage combat to Princesses and Pirates of all ages.  

Available at additional cost:  (Prices available upon request)

Sir Strongbow and Dame Noone
The Royal Huntsman and Seneschal
Demonstrating Medieval Hunting & Woodlore and The Medieval Household

Carolina Camel Rides Petting Zoo
Available for a wide variety of events, contact us to appear at yours.
The Welsh Corgi Show
Conducted by Mistress Rhiannon. A fun filled interactive Activity for all ages.

Available at additional cost:  (Prices available upon request)


Fire Performers
Available at additional cost:  (Prices available upon request)


Available at additional cost:  (Prices available upon request)

Lord Marshall Laww
 The Knight Games Show and a re-enactment of a royal court called How to Live in a Medieval Manor.

Nickel Shakespeare
Three girls, all of William Shakespeare's words, lunacy, speed, flips, tricks, stunts, and all for a nickel
Watch Video on Youtube

Flabbergast the Wizard
Offering Strolling and Stage Magic for your amazement.

The Jayna Lee Show
Jayna Lee is a variety entertainer. Need a performer for your next event? Jayna offers a plethora of skills: acrobatics, contortion, stilt walking, fire-eating, juggling, aerial trapeze, aerial silk and stunts.




Gypsy Majick
This show is perfect for fairs
of all types, cause we are Irish
Gypsies, known as Travelers
or Rovers.  The road is our
home.  Let us entertain and
delight the citizens of your
town or village.

Martial Arts
Available at additional cost:  (Prices available upon request)

Sword Circle

The Knightly Order of the Fiat Lux

Yankee Siege
Full Size Trebuchet capable of hurling 300lb projectiles over 600'
Watch Video on Youtube
Parodi's Academy of Medieval Martial Arts

Available at additional cost:  (Prices available upon request)

The Merry Minstrels
We feature the harp music of Karl Wienand and others for lever harp, pedal harp or 26 string lap harp.
Highland Laura
I am available for weddings and themed events and other functions
Thunder and Spice
Celtic, Folk and Renaissance music

The Roses
Renaissance and Medieval instrumental dance music

A United States based ensemble performing music of the 10th to 14th century Middle Ages including many traditional Middle Eastern dance tunes.
Watch Video on YouTube 

Music by the Master
Renaissance Virginal by
Gary Swartz

The Crossjacks
Celtic & Folk Music
Lady Una -
Traditional Music
from Latvia

Virginia Schweninger
An enjoyable and eclectic repertoire of the Classics, Broadway, Movie Themes and Traditional Harp Music . . . the music people love to hear.
Kathy Hawkins

Abby Green
Abby adds magic to any fair with her songs and stories.  She shares her voice in Medieval, Irish language, and Celtic folk songs on lute or octave mandolin.

Silent Lion
Playing a unique blend of medieval, Celtic, bluegrass, Spanish and original acoustic music. The result is a sound of haunting melodies, interesting syncopated rhythms, and a poetic lyricism.


Historical Re-enactors
Available at additional cost:  (Prices available upon request)

Sir Adam
Offering 15th Century medieval armor and weapons demos with an Agincourt themed block of instruction. Also well versed in traditional archery

Historical Viking Renenactment

Sir Guillaume de Belgique
Chivalry Today offers classroom and library presentations throughout Southern California, exploring the "history, literature and philosophy of the code of chivalry

Warbow Wales is the home of the Welsh medieval longbow. It is a not-for-profit group of like minded bowmen and women who want to celebrate and shoot the iconic Welsh weapon in a sporting way.

Historic Interpretations Inc.
With over 50 people who have skills in costuming, cooking, brewing, arms & armor, dancing and performing religious ceremonies. Our members are actors, re-enactors, historians, and artisans who enjoy the research involved to accurately portray the daily life of a historical persona.

Jousting & Equestrian
vailable at additional cost:  (Prices available upon request)

Brothers in Arms Jousting
The Premier Jousting Company in the Mid-West

Roundtable Productions
Offers the finest professional entertainment available, from schools and camps to renaissance faires and cooperate entertainment RoundTable Productions offers a wide variety shows including equestrian jousting, dinner theatre and murder mysteries. RoundTable Productions staff travels throughout the United States...and beyond!

Parodi Medieval Arts Equestrians
Horse & Knight Training and Games

The Seattle Knights combine excellent equestrian skills, high-energy acting, and choreographed stage combat using real steel weapons. We offer a variety of special show packages, any of which can be tailored to fit your individual needs and budget

Combatants Keep Jousting
The desire of our founders is to create an entertaining, educational re-enactment group that could fill the void between entertainment and education without sacrificing the pageantry, drama, and spectacle that are synonymous with the Middle Ages.the desire of our founders to create an entertaining, educational re-enactment group that could fill the void between entertainment and education without sacrificing the pageantry, drama, and spectacle that are synonymous with the Middle Ages.

The Knights of Valour have been entertaining North American audiences with exciting shows of horsemanship, bravery, and chivalry. No matter what type of event, the cast and crew of the Knights of Valour are ready to entertain you in a style worthy of Kings!

Sword Circle Combat & Archery Demonstrations

Sword Circle-LLC is an educational program dedicated to teaching the authentic art and history of Medieval Combat.



MFC does not endorse any religious, political or cultural beliefs or practices.  Any displays of such are solely the responsibility of the individual, performer or vendor.

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