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Order of the Arrow Ceremonies Camporee Day Camp Activity Day Boy Scout Blue and Gold Banquet
Troop Meeting Activities - Medieval Skills, Crafts, Games & other Programs for your Badge/Patch requirements

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Educational Curriculums For Boy Scouts, Girl Scouts and Home Schools
Woodworking  Medieval Music/Instruments   Foods  Medieval Games  
  Wool - Fleece and Weaving
Medieval Hunting   Woodscraft 

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Girl Scout Camporee Presentation

Introduction Clothing Demonstration Mummers Play
Medieval Dances Weapons Demonstration

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Boy Scout Day Camp
Program is conducted at your location.
Introduction Clothing Demonstrations Shields of Chivalry
Medieval Games - Bocce, Battledore and Shuttlecock, and Quoits
Human Chess Chore Challenge
Medieval Chores - Boar Hunting and Highland Cattle Care
Medieval W.A.R.  - Weapons Demonstrations

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Activity Day

Introduction Clothing Audience Participation Clothing Demonstration 
  Mummers Play  

  Games Rotation   
Bocce Rhyming Games Quoits   Skittles 

Presentation of purpose and meaning of Heraldic Devices and Symbols. Activity includes students creating and decorating their own personal Heraldic Devices
Chore Challenge 

Manners, music, audience participation dance demonstration, feasting.
Food Samples may be added at an additional cost (see below)  
Medieval W.A.R. - Weapons, Armour Re-enactment 


Fight the Knight


Knighting Ceremony

Scouting’s core values are embodied in the Scout Oath and the Scout Law, which every boy is required to learn upon becoming a scout. The Scout Law states that “A Scout is Trustworthy, Loyal, Helpful, Friendly, Courteous, Kind, Obedient, Cheerful, Thrifty, Brave, Clean and Reverent.” Robert Baden-Powell, the founder of scouting, modeled the original scout law on the medieval Knights’ Code and stated that scouts should be modern-day knights, abiding by the same standards of chivalry.

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Medieval Fantasies Company Productions
Also Available:  Going Medieval Patch Program  
Renaissance Faire Curriculum For Home Schools which can be easily adapted to suit Boy and Girl Scouts Troops

MFC does not endorse any religious, political or cultural beliefs or practices.  Any displays of such are solely the responsibility of the individual, performer or vendor.

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